Do you know how buyers and consumers make their decision? How can the unconscious mind influence commercial relations and purchasing behaviours? And why getting a better grasp on customer dynamics is highly relevant to the floriculture supply-chain?

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Union Fleurs, the International Flower Trade Association, has announced Martin de Munnik, Co-founder and CCO of Neurensics as the opening Keynote speaker at Floriforum 2019. He will share with the audience his insights on what intrinsically drives customers, derived from the experience and unique knowledge base developed by Neurensics, one of the world’s leading agencies in consumer neuroscience. “Decisions are governed by a mix of conscious and unconscious processes, rational and emotional factors, as well as innate and learned associations.” Using advanced research on neurosciences and the unconscious brain, Neurensics is able to turn marketing into a science, and opens up the black box of predicting buying behaviours by looking at the brain processes.

Martin Munnik, Co-founder and CCO of Neurensics

Setting the scene for an international and interactive forum, a stimulating conversation on the various change and challenges facing the floriculture industry in the area of customers, and how they might impact the global floriculture supply chain, will be introduced through the prism of neuromarketing.

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