Jet Fresh Flower Distributors is back with a fresh floral inspiration for the fellas using Preserved Roses. This time, they have a fun gift box idea that’s absolutely perfect for cigar aficionados — presenting the Preserved Rose Cigar Gift Box.

Preserved Roses are displayed in an elegant, gender-neutral manner in a real wooden cigar box that can be used for gifts and special events. Made by creative marketing director, Ryan Black, he enhanced this cigar box and turned it into a real gift showpiece.

Ryan made a bed of golden preserved roses using two different-sized preserved roses, Large and Warmi from Rose Amor in Ecuador. He trimmed the stems of the Large-sized roses to level the height next to the Warmis. He then attached them to the box using a hot glue gun. The Warmis were a great idea for filling in the extra gaps as well as making the design more dynamic.

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