Category 5 hurricane Dorian made landfall in Grand Bahama Island, and will continue its devastating path to Florida, forcing logistics companies to take precautionary measures.

With the announcement of Dorian heading to Florida, several Miami-based logistics companies informed their customers about the situation and their precautionary measures last Friday.

BDP International mentioned they decided to close BDP Miami on Tuesday, with employees working remotely. Also Prime Floral reported they will be closed on Monday and Tuesday, as well as Armellini Logistics. They all will closely monitor weather conditions and inform their clients when things change. 

According to the US National Hurricane Center (NHC), a prolonged period of catastrophic winds and storm surge will continue to affect Grand Bahama Island through today and tonight. Then, the storm is expected along portions of the Florida east coast through mid-week. Only a slight deviation to the left of the official forecast would bring the core of Dorian near or over the Florida east coast. Then, later this week, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina are expected to be hit later this week. For more information on the hurricane, go to