The new Guinness Book of World Records has been launched globally. That’s why Florismart deemed it a good time to dive into past world records related to flowers and plants.

Largest flower arrangement
The first one in the list of floral world records might be the most photogenic of all. On December 2nd, 2016, Dubai Miracle Garden created a full-size model of the Emirates Airbus A380. The 73 metres long installation was fully covered in around 500,000 real flowers and plants. When in full bloom, the world’s largest floral installation counted of 5 million flowers.

Largest carpet of flowers/plants
On December 8th, 2018, 120 hard-working people achieved the new world record of the largest carpet of flowers/plants after working a total of 150 hours. The record – a floral carpet of 191,653 ft² 72 in² – was set in Mexico by Jardines de México. The carpet consisted of 150,000 Poinsettia flowers – also known as the ‘Christmas flower’.

Largest flower basket
The world record for largest flower basket was achieved on 10 March 2018 in Singapore. The National Parks Board succeeded in constructing a flower basket of 3 ft 11 inch tall, 31 ft 1 inch long and 19 ft 8 inch wide. The National Park Board’s first successful record attempt was in 2016, when they created the largest floral chandelier.

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