Oreon and Lumex M are joining forces. The two companies signed a letter of intent during the FlowersExpo in Moscow this week, agreeing upon working together to provide LED solutions to the Russian market. 

Lumex M has been helping growers in Ukraine and Russia with advice on greenhouse lighting for many years, and CEO Alexander Burmistrov is well-known in the industry. "We expect LEDs to play a big role in the future industry and since Oreon has great expertise to offer on this subject, they are an ideal partner", he explains. 

"The efficient LED fixtures from Oreon offer high light levels to the crop, and that's important to rose growers for example. Since the fixtures are relatively small, there's hardly any shadow and the grower can use the daylight in the most optimum way. Thanks to the unique water cooling aspect, the fixtures can provide a lot of light without heating up the greenhouse." 

He explains how this will improve the harvest while reducing the costs. "Growers get control over the climate in the greenhouse for 12 months per year and year-round production comes within reach." 

Also the team with Oreon is happy to partner. "The professionalism of Lumex M will give us a better connection to the Russian market and will make it possible to help local customers better and faster. It's not a secret Russia wants to become self-sufficient in greenhouse vegetables. Ever since the boycott started in 2014, the Russian government has supported the horticultural industry strongly. The knowledge the team of Lumex M offers in greenhouse lighting will result in a strong partnership in this rapidly developing market", says Peter Barentsen, International Sales Manager with Oreon. 

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