Several months ago CalFlowers reported on their actions in relation to two proposed bills directly impacting floral markets in California and the nation: CA Assembly Bill 1205 and House Resolution 3019. Since that time they have actively reached out to 16 members of the California Assembly, 7 members of the California Senate and 24 members of the Cut Flower Caucus in the House of Representatives. They then followed up with phone calls and conversations with staff members from six Cut Flower Caucus members, and several Assembly and Senate offices. They even enjoyed the visits to Fun ‘N Sun of staff members from the offices of Assembly Member Limón, State Senator Jackson and Congressman Carbajal.

They are expanding their scope to study proposed legislation affecting all aspects of the California floral industry dealing with a range of business issues. Moving into 2020 they will also explore federal legislation affecting members across the country.

CalFlowers is not doing this alone. At the federal level, CalFlowers will continue to follow SAF’s lead in governmental relations. CalFlowers is pleased to be the Platinum Sponsor for SAF’s 2020 Congressional Action Days in March in Washington, D.C. Within California, CalFlowers recently joined the Agricultural Commission of California.

CalFlowers also engaged legislative bill screening services for California legislation. They receive monthly updates on the status of Assembly and Senate bills that may impact California members. They will be working with SAF for bill screening at the Congressional level. Below is a sample of California legislation they’ve had on their radar in the past few months:


  • AB 5 – Worker status; employees and independent contractors
  • AB 386 – Agricultural working poor energy-efficient housing program
  • AB 409 – Climate change; agricultural climate adaption tools program; grants
  • AB 1205 – Cut flowers and cut greens;  importation for sale; production standards
  • AB 1783 – H-2A worker housing; state funding; streamlined approval processes for agricultural employee housing development


  • SB 1 – California Environmental, Public Health, and Workers Defense Act of 2019
  • SB 253 – Cannella Environmental Farming Act of 1995; Environmental Farming Incentive Program

Members’ role in legislative advocacy in 2020
A survey of members’ interests will be conducted in October. This survey will ask for input on specific legislative concerns, but will also open the scope of questioning to better understand the general business concerns of CalFlowers.

More CalFlowers members will also be involved on the Industry & Governmental Relations (I&GR) Committee. If you’re interested in learning more about this committee, feel free to contact Michael LoBue at

For more information: