In the summer there is sometimes too much, in the winter often just too little. Yes, the sun cannot be controlled. To catch every ray of light in the coming dark days, it is time for growers to remove chalk and coatings from the greenhouse roof. This is now possible with an organic cleaning product based on plant extracts.

Photos: Marel Loonwerk

Nadir Laaguili, director of producer Agrona: "It is an organic soap for cleaning glass in horticulture. The glass cleaner is especially suitable for AR coated glass."

The product was developed after Agrona was asked if they could supply an organic soap. This was because growers with only water could not remove all the dirt from their greenhouse roof.

Two years of testing preceded the introduction. Nadir: "Tests have been carried out at TNO and at various contractors. The results that emerged from these tests were very positive. It turned out that our product has a high cleaning power, while the damage to AR coated glass is zero."

Soak in for ten minutes
AG Clean+ has a 100 percent biological composition of natural plant extracts combined with water, alcohol, citrate and vinegar. According to Nadir, the product has a strong cleansing effect, but is safe for the environment and for humans and animals. "And also for most crops, so clearing out the greenhouse is not necessary. Although our advice is to test this first."

And the application? "The soap concentrate must be dissolved in lukewarm water in a concentration of 1-3% AG Clean+. The plant-based soap solution can then be applied to the glass with a foam lance on a high-pressure cleaner."

Then it has to soak in for ten minutes. "And then it is important to rinse thoroughly with water."

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