In the world of plastic pots, recycled material has become of great importance. Especially in the United Kingdom, where it has been a much-discussed issue during Four Oaks. The traditional black pot is slowly making way for taupe, but colors are also taking off. Mainly because UK supermarkets won’t accept black plastics anymore by the end of this year.

The Soparco team at Four Oaks.

“There are different types of sorting equipment used in Europe. In the UK, Recycling Facilities commonly use Near Infrared (NIR) detection systems and carbon black pigment is an issue for detection. Hence the shift to taupe”, Myriam Tobeilem of Soparco explains.

100% recycled materials
For almost 35 years, Soparco has been using more and more recycled PP to produce pots and containers and therefore reduce the impact of production activities on fossil resources. “Today our products contain more than 80% recycled materials and our goal is to reach 100% recycled materials in our standard productions in 2025.”

Post-customer materials
The plastic can come from everywhere. Also from consumer waste, or kerbside recyclable materials. “Five years ago, we started to include post-consumer materials in the circular economy and the improvement of the performance of collection and sorting processes, the quantity of post-consumer material available on the market is growing”, says Soparco. “One of the issues today is to control this flow in order to guarantee a high level of quality. We are working closely with material suppliers to that end.”

Soparco offers various colored ranges that are NIR detectable, like blue, green, red and taupe.

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