Supplying countries with Kenyan flowers all over the world is an aim of Black Tulip Group, and by taking over Batian farms and its Marketing arm Upendo last June, and the partnership with Fontana Flowers, they take a big step closer to achieving their aim. "With these takeovers and strategic partnerships, together we can supply more countries a wide range of cut flowers and foliage from Kenya", says Mohan Choudhery of Black Tulip Group. At the FlowersExpo in Moscow, Russia, the three companies co-exhibited for the first time.

Mughal Arfhan of Fontana, Tatjana Patil of Upendo and Mohan Choudhery of Black Tulip Group at the FlowersExpo in Moscow, Russia.

Largest importer in the Middle East
Initially, Black Tulip was a company that imported cut flowers and foliage into the Middle East. They started the business in 1990 and have become one of the largest suppliers and distributors of flowers and all floral products in the Middle East. To secure good quality flowers and ensure supply Black Tulip Group started acquiring in Kenya. At their Nine farms, they grow a wide assortment of cut flowers and foliage on a total area of more than 250 ha at different altitudes, ranging from 1800 to 2400 meters above sea level. 

Partnering with Fontana   
Over the years, they not only spread their presence in the Middle East, but in other countries as well, and to get the best out of it, they started partnering with other Kenyan farms that already entered and are known in a particular market. Black Tulip Group partners with Fontana Farms in all new developments in Kenya. This partnership started a few years back and will extend in all new projects that are being developed in Kenya in the future also. The Fontana Farms which are 4 farms with altitudes of 2300 to 2600 meters above sea level. The area under roses is over 140 ha and specialize in supplying the European markets and the flower auction in Holland. They grow over 100 varieties of roses with an exciting range of exclusive varieties on the list.

Increasing global presence
Black Tulip Group took over Batian Farm and its marketing arm Upendo early this year. At the farm, alstroemeria, florinca, carnations, garden and scented roses are produced on 35 ha, at an altitude of 2450 meters above sea level. According to Choudhery, the addition of this farm enables them to spread their wings even broader, as Upendo is strong in Russia, Europe and China. 

One of the largest flower exporters in Kenya
All in all, the total flower production area of the Black Tulip Group is over 250 ha in Kenya. Together with their partners, Fontana farms the production area is more than 350 ha in Kenya making this group the largest supplier of cut flowers from Kenya. This enables the supply of various types of cut flowers and foliage to all parts of the word from one place.

Future plans
"Black Tulip will add more farms or increase production area only if there is demand for the existing type of cut flowers or if new varieties of cut flowers are needed from the various markets that we export to. The business of fresh cut flowers is dynamic and can change rapidly with demand from markets and supply from various regions of the world. We have to keep up with the market demands and needs", Mohan concludes

Eager to see the flowers and meet the team of Black Tulip Group? At the IFTF in Vijfhuizen, the Netherlands, they will present their flowers at booth B2.27 from November 6-8, 2019.

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