Sakarya Chamber of Commerce Chairman Akgun Altug announced at the Sakarya Ornamental Plant Fair that their aim is to make Sakarya a well-known production area and global brand in ornamental plants.
Speaking at the opening of the fair, which was attended by 190 firms this year, Chairman Altug remarked: “This is the second year of the exhibition. It takes place in Sakarya because it is the center of the ornamental plant industry in Turkey. There are nearly 500 companies in Sakarya operating in this industry. Our goal is to make Turkey an important center for ornamental plant production by continuously improving our product quality and variety. The fair is organized in order to boost the growth of the industry and to open up pathways to international trade for our growers. We want to increase our production and export volumes in steps. The end goal is to make Sakarya well-known globally as a center of ornamental plant production.

These developments also create more jobs in our city and we are hoping to continue our efforts to help our growers to improve their production.”

Speaking at the fair, Sakarya Mayor Ekrem Yüce: “Last year was the first year of the fair and it was a huge success for our city. Now we have gathered here for the second time where the fair is slowly becoming an international fair. We believe Sakarya will be the biggest exporter of ornamental plants in our country soon.”
Sakarya Governor Ahmet Hamdi Nayir: “This industry needs to be supported by all government and state organizations. These events increase the cooperation between growers and help them connect with buyers.“

Source: Dunya