Florensis is building a 6-hectare greenhouse in Dinteloord, the Netherlands with which it can expand the cultivation of all kinds of floricultural products. Stolze is taking care of the electrical and water technical installation and the growth light. In their own words, the installer has never before realized such a complex installation on this scale.

In the video below, Adriaan Vonk, one of the directors at Florensis, explains more about the project (in Dutch). "What’s special about this area is the many facilities that the growers manage together, such as their own gas receiving station. The proximity of the 'Suiker Unie' is also special. It uses a lot of water, cleans it and brings it into a special layer in the soil. This is a buffer for the growers here. If there are shortages in the summer, they do not have to use surface water or tap water.

"Florensis produces 4,000 different products - every season different products. Which means that we need many different 'flavors' regarding fertilizing and irrigation. Therefore, we have 17 different departments, that need to be managed separately. Besides, also vegetables can be propagated in the greenhouse, so we also have a complete ebb and flood floor system with separate drains for the different water flows." 

With all their experience and the current techniques, their aim was to build something they can use for the coming 20 years. Together with Stolze, they achieved it, concludes Vonk.

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