Colombian city Cali was the place where representatives of all facets of the Colombian nursery industry gathered this week for the second edition of ExpoPlantas, the New Professional Nursery Trade Show in the country. "It offered the best national sample of the nursery industry, conferences, business networking and the first varieties competition", says Jairo Cadavid, president of Colviveros, the organization of this show. 

ExpoPlantas 2019 was attended by 52 exhibitors that displayed both growers and suppliers’ commercial samples, more than 350 participants from Colombia, Ecuador, Germany, Holland, México and Spain, and 15 renowned national and international experts from Ciopora, BioBest, Dümmen Orange, Gloeckner, FloraMundo and Sáenz Fety that oriented a wide-ranging and relevant program of educational seminars.

Varieties competition.

At the other hand, the first Varieties Competition of the Nursery Industry opened a new window to promote high qualified ornamental products for both, growers and breeders. More than 250 plant varieties were judged by renowned experts.

Since its creation three years ago, Colviveros has been leading an ambitious formalization process of the nursery sector in Colombia which more than 3,000 small-scale producers and live plant marketing vendors participate. Nowadays, the association counts 536 affiliates and has a presence in 12 departments across the country.

Below an impression of the second edition of Expoplantas: 

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Jairo Cadavid Ossa, President of Colviveros