Royal FloraHolland developed new top collars together with a few suppliers. These top collars go on the support shelf and save approximately half of the cardboard compared to the large collars. The top collars save up to 60% of cardboard, but do provide the flowers with the necessary protection.

Research into protective collars
Royal FloraHolland recently assessed the value of protective collars with customers. They broadly recognised the good protection of the flowers, but there were also some critical remarks, mainly from growers who immediately take flowers out of the packaging. The new top collars will drastically reduce the quantity of cardboard going into the market, and the desired protection is maintained.

Use of top collar is positive
This summer, Berg Roses started with the 80 cm top collar on the Fc997 and Arend Roses will be starting the supply of 80 cm roses in Fc997 with top collar soon. Tesselaar Alstroemeria has been working with 75 cm top collars on the new Fc998 since October. The first experiences are very positive.

The release of the new flower bucket Fc588 for Rose is planned for June 2020. The protective collars will also have to be adjusted for the switch to this new efficient flower bucket.

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