Swiss-based company Andermatt Biocontrol has increased its shareholding in the German biotech company ABiTEP GmbH from 24% to a majority stake of 78%.

ABiTEP GmbH is based in Berlin and is a producer of microbial products for use in agriculture, home & garden and biological based cleaning agents. The Andermatt Biocontrol Group specialises in the development and production of a growing range of biological plant protection products and bio-fertilizers and in recent years has invested in a worldwide distribution network.

The Bacillus based products of ABiTEP are already an important part of Andermatt Biocontrol's global product portfolio, with existing product registrations in Europe, North America, Brazil, South Africa and Australia. This closer partnership of the two companies will further strengthen collaboration and drive the development of new microbial products for the global market.

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