NGIV and Australian plant breeders and growers present the Australian Horticultural Trials 2019. Trials Week encompasses multiple events at various locations in Victoria showing the latest innovations in container, bedding, indoor and outdoor plants.

Ball Grower Trials (BGT)
Ball Australia is 'Shining the Light' on the latest plant breeding innovations and future developments in pot, bedding and landscape plants. They will show new and existing plant lines so visitors can see how these perform in an environment similar to their own.

Propagation Australia Annual Victoria Trials
Specialist vegetative propagators representing major world breeders of ornamentals, cut flowers, annuals, perennials, indoor greenery and tissue culture young plants, showing the latest releases. Reps from Smithers-Oasis and Qantas freight will also have displays onsite.

Mansfield's Propagation Nursery Open Week
Mansfield's Propagation Nursery will be showcasing a variety of current favorite plants as well as new varieties, featuring plants from Austraflora, Ozbreed, InStyle Succulents, Rootstock Services, Aloe-Aloe and Tissue Culture Australia.

Norwood will be displaying at Ball Australia Grower Trials (BGT) and Majestic Young Plants: Tropicana.


Super Starters
Smarter propagation is what Super Starters is about. A Starter Pot will ensure healthier and faster root development, with more uniform plants while improving crop timing and reducing plant shrinkage.

Garden City Plastics
Garden City Plastics will be displaying at Mansfield's Propagation Nursery Open Week, Majestic Young Plants: Tropicana, and PlantFest 2019.


PlantFest 2019
PlantFest is an annual showcase of innovation and inspiration for the greenlife industry. At PlantFest, guests will see the latest new plants and concepts that Greenhills Propagation Nursery has to offer. Plants will include perennials through to trees and everything in between and represent breeders from Australia and around the world.

Powerplants Australia
Powerplants will be showcasing labor saving and automation equipment at JD Propagation and Mansfield's Propagation Nursery. They will also be welcoming visitors to the office in Hallam to meet the team and see their facility.

Sprint Showcase
Sprint Horticulture is showcasing its new products for 2020 in the surrounds of Stumpy Gully Vineyard, featuring their new range of indoor foliage, succulents, perennials and landscape varieties with new introductions to the Australian market.

JD Propagation Plant Trials
JD Propagation is a wholesale propagation nursery specializing in contract growing.


Majestic Young Plants will be showcasing a range of edibles, annuals, perennials, succulents, indoor plants and landscape plants. Join the family for an ice-cream in the tropics.

For more information, see the schedule and the map.