Effective October 9, 2019, Gowan Company has entered into an agreement with the State of California regarding the California registration and sale of Gowan's product "Lorsban 75WG (California registration# 62719-301-AA-10163)." The agreement is similar to those resolving a series of actions involving all companies holding registrations for chlorpyrifos products in California.

In August 2019, California moved to cancel certain California registrations of chlorpyrifos products. Gowan denied the allegations made by the State regarding its product. At the same time, Gowan participated with the State and with other registrants in developing this settlement to provide certainty for its customers and the best opportunity for California growers to have a transition period. This approach allowed the company to negotiate very favorable terms for existing California stocks. The timeline for ending sales and use in California under the agreement is as follows:

  • Gowan's California registration of Lorsban 75WG (CA# 62719-301-AA-10163) will voluntarily lapse at the end of the year 2019.
  • Gowan will cease sales of Lorsban 75WG (CA# 62719-301-AA-10163) in California within 30 days after the effective date of the agreement (i.e., November 8, 2019).
  • Dealers and distributors of Lorsban 75WG (CA# 62719-301-AA-10163) must cease sales in California within 120 days after the effective date of the agreement (i.e., February 6, 2020).
  • Users may continue to use Lorsban 75WG (CA# 62719-301-AA-10163) in California until December 31, 2020 - by which date all possession and use in California must cease. Please note that all use must comply with approved labeling for the product, with the Chlorpyrifos Interim Recommended Permit Conditions issued by the Department in November 2018, and with any other use restrictions imposed by the local county agricultural use commissioner.
  • Gowan will "take-back" Lorsban 75WG (CA# 62719-301-AA-10163) sold in California through normal business practices and channels through December 31, 2021.

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation also issued a Notice discussing this action on October 9, 2019. 

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