For consumers that either are not a fan of ‘the bigger the better Christmas trees’ or simply have not enough space for a regular tree, and are also looking for sustainable eco-friendly products, Royal Flower introduces its exclusive line of Mini Christmas Trees "We trim the cedar trees that are grown at our farm and shape the trimmings into a Christmas tree, so no actual cedar trees are being cut down”, says David Sanchez of Royal Flowers.

David Sanchez of Royal Flowers introduced the tree trimmings at PMA 2019.

"The cedar trees are grown on our farm to protect our greenhouses from the elements. We trim our trees year round but during this season we use the trimmings in bouquets, consumer bunches and our centerpieces." 

High hopes
Royal Flowers has high hopes for this product for the Christmas season. “The miniature trees will last at least one month without water. We sell the mini Christmas trees individually, but we also can supply our customers with a ready made display suitable for supermarkets and garden centers.” According to David these mini Christmas tree centerpieces are mainly sold in the US. This will be the first year that they will be available. "So far everyone loves them. We have had some pre-orders and we are expecting a high demand for this at the end of November." 


The cedar trees at the farm of Royal Flowers in Ecuador.

Broad assortment
The Ecuadorian rose farm has added a lot of new products to their assortment over the years. Currently, they grow roses, craspedia, lavender, molucella, various greens, dianthus, delphinium, sunflower and many other varieties of novelty flowers. Their farms are  MPS-A+ and Rainforest certified.

Royal Flowers