Every October, a crew from Mayesh heads down to Colombia for the Proflora Convention in Bogotá. While they're there, they make it a priority to visit growers and their farms. Not only does this give them a chance to connect face to face and meet all the hardworking employees who grow flowers, but it also gives them an opportunity to see how new varieties are doing in trials and stay up-to-date with the latest techniques for improving productivity and overall quality. 

This year, Peter, Abraham, Juan, Mary and Ben visited Bicco Farms, Hosa Geoflora/SBTalee and Alexandra Farms, and then Abraham continued onto MedellĂ­n to visit Tahami, Blackriver Flowers, Flores de la Campina, Silvestres, Flores de Altagracia, Liberty Blooms, Flores Rionegro, Cosmo Flower, Latin Flowers, Malibu Flowers, Flores del Este, Harmony Flowers, Medellin, Valley Spring, Agricola Colors, Express Farms, Flores Carmel, Cultivos Manzanares, Milagrosa Flowers, Lolita Flowers, Jordan Farms and Florandina.

Check out the photos here.