World Horti Center talks to one of its participants every month. This month they are interviewing Floricultura: a breeder and propagator of orchids and anthuriums that strives for perfection and seeks to create strong, profitable and distinctive varieties for its customers. 

Why have you come to World Horti Center?
For two reasons really. Firstly a practical one: Floricultura’s roots are in North Holland, with sites in Heemskerk and Assendelft. The majority of our Dutch customers are based in the Westland/Oostland floriculture cluster. With a base in WHC, we are closer to our customers and stakeholders, which they appreciate.

The second reason is more strategic: Floricultura has invested extensively in recent years in markets outside Europe. The unique clustering of businesses, education and research strongly attracts delegations from all corners of the world. We are keen to talk to them, not just for commercial reasons, but also in order to better understand those markets and specific growing requirements.

What does being a participant mean for you?
As a participant, we believe that you not only need to have a stand which is always well-maintained, but also to show engagement. You do that with people! Hence our cultivation adviser Peter Prins can regularly be found at WHC, making him a familiar face. Marketing manager Marc Eijsackers is a member of the participants’ counsel and actively involved in improving WHC. He also gives a guest lecture to students at MBO Westland from time to time. The stand is also used as a meeting point.

Could you tell us something about new developments?
Our Anthurium programme is really starting to take shape now. As a result, our stand will feature more and more of these fabulous plants over the coming months.

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