It is International Women's Day, a very important holiday in Russia, where women are usually praised with lots of flowers. Millions of Russians rushed to markets and shops to get fresh flowers. "The flower markets are very crowded and people were even queuing up at the doors of the markets as early as an hour before it opened", reported this morning.

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On social media, the pictures of the busy Flower Markets have been shared too. Warja Abrosimova of Dekker Chrysanten, for example, posted the following pictures of the busy Flower market on her Facebook page this morning.

Yesterday, people were already buying flowers and John Elsgeest of Flower Circus, who is in Novobirsk on behalf of Deliflor to gather inside information, shared his impressions.

"I see many tulips, hyacints, daffodils and other spring flowers. Maybe there were more roses and chrysanthemums in the past, but that is difficult to tell. Interesting to notice is that many tulips are being produced in Russia, and they are of high quality and have a good color. A stem length of 40 to 45 cm is the norm, while 30-55 cm is sufficient in the Netherlands. It all depends on the consumer's preferences; it is a real gift, so the bigger and more colors, the better."

Photos made by John Elsgeest

So, a bouquet is more expensive. And the Russians really set a budget aside for this festivity. "You should realize that a man does not only give a flower to his wife or girlfriend, but to every women he knows. The difference in what you give lies in the size of the bouquet, the stronger the relation, the bigger the bouquet."

According to Elsgeest, Russia reached or even passed the all-time low of the Russian crisis. The trade is recovering. The local sales are going well and the wholesalers that I visited are all sold out."

The street trade on these pictures is not something that you see all over Russia. "It is typical to this region, you will not see this in Moscow, for example. Besides that, the decline in flower shops and the decrease in salaries contributed to this 'street trade'. On top of that, it is part of their culture; they prefer to purchase everything as close as possible. The winter is over, but the temperatures are still about minus 10 Degrees Celsius. Probably, this also contributes to this purchasing behavior.

Also in other parts of the world, Women's Day is being celebrated or awareness is being raised for this holiday. In New York, for example, Russian men were handing out roses to passing women on March 7. They say they wanted to share the importance of the day, that is not widely being celebrated in the US.