During an energetic (literally) staff meeting last week, the merger of two Dutch hortensia growers, Dijk van Dijk and De Bonfut, launched their new name: The Mastergrowers. The name is meant to underline the ambition both nurseries share to grow and become one of the market leaders in the field of indoor hydrangeas.

Robin van Dijk and Erik van der Valk reveal the new name

The merger was already annouced earlier this year (see the message). The two have a combined production acreage of 20 hectares, and, thanks to their complementary product ranges, can supply the full range of indoor hydrangea varieties.

A "HAKA workshop" was provided by: www.HAKAworkshops.nl  

Energetic presentation
At the staff meeting, a so-called HAKA-session was organized in order to 'awaken'  each persons inner ‘master’. In order to get this message across even more, employees were all given a chocolate bar with the text ‘We are all masters!’.

Employees were given the opportunity to ask questions in regards to the progress of the merger and all practical matters involved.

The Tony Chocolonely bars with ‘We are all masters!’.

Roll out
The new company name will be used of next season. For now both companies will keep packing the plant own packaging.

The new company name was created by Mirakuleus.


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