Amazon Australia recently launched its online Garden store. What could this mean for the greenlife industry?

Amazon Australia has claimed that their new Garden store will add to over 125 million products already available on their online shopping platform.

Amazon Australia says that this new product range reflects key findings from research detailed in its Outdoor Living Report, including the following of interest to greenlife industry members:

  • Rise in plant parenthood - Three in four millennials (75%) are keen gardeners, indicating they grow their own organic fruit, vegetables or herbs. Nearly two-thirds (65%) of Aussies are interested in growing organic fruit, vegetables or herbs, followed by growing natives (34%)
  • 'Grow your own' tops outdoor wish lists - Veggie gardens (22%) have been crowned the number one most wanted item in an outdoor space, followed by the signature outdoor barbie (21%), and various outdoor furniture (18%). For men, BBQs are number one (28%) and for women it is vegetable gardens (26 per cent)

Given Amazon Australia’s focus on the Home and Garden market, greenlife industry members could boost their business sales on this platform. However, it may be some time before the potential of selling some garden products on this platform is fully realised. offers a wide range of flowers, grasses, trees, shrubs, herbs, cacti and succulents, fruits, vegetables, bonsai, aquatic plants, and vines for sale. However, its smaller Australian ‘sibling’ is yet to offer living plants in any meaningful fashion to the market, most likely because Amazon Australia has yet to iron out what it calls ‘fulfillment’ details for potential sellers of plants.

Alistair Hill, Chairman of Immij Greenlife and a Director of Greenlife Industry Australia, believes that Amazon Australia’s move into the Home and Garden market could be a positive thing. “I think that there is potential to grow the market further by having another source of supply into it,” says Alistair, “There are opportunities for our industry’s wholesalers, producers and allied professionals to sell more product. Amazon Australia could be another good channel for growers if they create their own presence within it.”

Alistair is mindful that not all greenlife industry members may feel this way: “It is understandable that some retailers may not feel very comfortable with Amazon Australia’s move into the Home and Garden market,” says Alistair, “Amazon’s model is clear: If you want it quickly and at the right price, then just go on online and order it and have it delivered without any issues. For the younger generation, i.e. millennials, this is a pure online solution.”

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