Ashland Greenhouses grows 10,000 poinsettias each year. The plants come in all different sizes and all different colors, like the classic red, red glitter, marble and white. 

Ashland Greenhouses Business Manager Sarah Valdivia is always exciting to help people start their holidays and teach people to care for their poinsettias. 

"People have very strong traditions where they have a certain pot and they buy a certain color, certain sized poinsettia for it every year," said Valdivia. "But every year they're just as excited when they find the one that they want."

Ashland Greenhouses is one of the only places in Southern Oregon that grows florist grade, or high quality, poinsettias, said Valdivia. That's because of how they're grown. 

Gardeners start planting poinsettias in July. All of the plants are grown in a greenhouse so they can bloom with in the perfect temperature with plenty of natural light. Hundreds of poinsettias can be watered at the same time through a special hose system. This is why Ashland Greenhouses said their poinsettias are especially colorful. 

"People want a very busy poinsettia with lots of flower heads on it," said Valdivia. "They want poinsettias to be very uniform and bright. The brighter, the better."

Ashland Greenhouses' poinsettias are so popular that they ship them to different cities in Oregon and Northern California. 

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