Dahan is one of China's most important distributors of soil media, fertilizers and young plants of begonia, poinsettia and cyclamen. The company distributes products all over China. For the special occasion of opening the new offices, Dahan organized a "Chinese Cyclamen Symposium". For this event they asked their exclusive partner Syngenta Flowers to present the latest developments in their cyclamen assortment. With its Rainier assortment Syngenta offers a leading variety in the Chinese cyclamen market. Growth in the cyclamen market is fueled both by governmental landscaping and by the recently emerging consumer market.

Phoebe Xie and Gerard Werink showing new Cyclamen assortment to Dahan customers in Chengdu China

In addition to this assortment presentation, Miss. Xie also gave a comprehensive lecture on how to produce cyclamen in optimal quality under typical Chinese growing circumstances. The information was based on extensive global research in various climatic circumstances to provide insightful knowledge on growing the best cyclamen possible to bring colour to lives of Chinese consumers.

Into detail
A crowd of more than 130 visitors joined the presentations attentively. Many questions were raised on how to improve growing cyclamen in their own environments, under their specific circumstances. A small piece of the presentation of Mrs. Xie, offering tips to grow the best products, is shown here:

The event ended with a very good, typical Chengdu lunch with over 20 regional dishes. The event was part of a week full of knowledge transfer and festivities organized by Dahan. Earlier this week Dahan also hosted a symposium at their new young plant production location in Jinnan, Shandong. Also here Syngenta Flowers presented their innovations in cyclamen assortment for a crowd of more than 100 growers. Hendriks Young Plants presented on fuchsia’s. 

Opening Dahan Dec 13th. 2019:Mr. Liu, President of Dahan and Gerard Werink, Business Development Manager Syngenta Flowers in front of the new facilities

Syngenta Flowers in China
Syngenta Flowers is committed to support professional growers in China. With four distribution partners covering all parts of China, Syngenta Flowers is able to reach all of China with their genetics.

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