On Thursday 12 December, over 70 international guests attended an extra special press event at Humboldt University in Berlin. Stars for Europe welcomed partners as well as newspaper and magazine journalists, bloggers, influencers and industry VIPs - from all 16 campaign countries.

In a historic exhibit, guests learnt all about the poinsettia's fascinating history from its wild form in Mexico and first discovery in the late 18th century, through to links with Alexander von Humboldt himself, plus Mr Joel Poinsett, the legendary Ecke family and more.

It even included special poinsettia varieties bred to look just like the "old" types that were first cultivated at the start of breeding technology.

Visitors were also wowed by spectacular displays by three of Europe's best florists, Ruth Davis from All for Love London in the UK, Annette von Einem from Denmark and Björn Kroner-Salié from Germany.

Visitors were first met with motifs from Mexico, where the poinsettia plant originates. Colourful furniture, cacti and poinsettias combined to create a unique new take on Central American style. The guests were then whisked to a Nordic winter landscape with Scandinavian-style arrangements including white and gold branches suspended among white poinsettias. Both scenes were the work of Annette von Einem who explained, "With my designs, I wanted to show what poinsettias might really look like in those environments, as well as demonstrating that they look great in an unfamiliar setting. Whether in deepest snow or in summer heat, poinsettias are always beautiful.

At the centre of the room, a stunning XXL Christmas tree was created by Ruth Davis, with all white poinsettias. Next to it was a field of poinsettias carpeting the floor in a spectrum of pink and coral shades, within which stood a floral replica of a wild poinsettia tree, like those that grow naturally in Mexico. Visitors could cross the rows of plants along a path to reach a bench placed beneath the tree. Ruth said, "I wanted to give visitors an idea of what a poinsettia tree looks like in its home country, contrasted with European greenhouse-style rows of plants carpeting its base."

Björn Kroner-Salié created a festive atmosphere in an adjoining room with a lavish dinner table design. "For us it was particularly important to show guests how versatile the poinsettia is. It’s an integral part of European Christmas decoration. But most people don't realise just how many design possibilities are offered by poinsettias. With our classic, stylish and luxurious décor styled around the nutcracker, the traditional magic of Christmas comes into its own.” Björn explained.

Guests were also greeted by a super-sized selfie wall covered in countless poinsettias at the entrance area, proving a popular photo backdrop - well worth sharing online.

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