Royal Van Zanten colleagues from the farm in Mukono have committed themselves to the community by collecting litter.

On the photos below you can see the access road to Mukono. There are two small villages along the road and in particular the villages do not know what to do with all that waste. Unfortunately, it keeps roaming around or it gets lit. Many of the colleagues in Mukono also live in the area and really enjoyed helping people.

The community really appreciated it and are looking for a long-term solution. Royal Van Zanten already works together with Eco Recycling. They collect the company's plastic and turn it into street tiles and poles. Through this form of upcycling, they give the plastic a second life.

Royal Van Zanten, in collaboration with the local mayor, will designate two or more gathering places where Royal Van Zanten can place metal cages. The plastic can be collected in these cages. Eco Recycling has offered to empty these collection points twice a month.

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