The Mediterranean city of Antalya's cut flower industry exported around 70 million flowers to 27 European countries and Russia for Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations, according to the head of a local exporters association.

Sales of predominantly carnations, in addition to gerbera, ronanculus and green fillers used in floral arrangements, have generated approximately $7 million in revenue, Central Anatolia Ornamental Plants and Products Exporters Association (OAİB) Chairman İsmail Yılmaz said.

Having begun on Dec.1, shipments for Christmas have been finalized, Yılmaz told Demirören News Agency (DHA) Thursday.

"The truck shipments are now over. We are now sending them (flowers) to places with extra requests by planes ... We have sent carnations to many European countries, especially the Netherlands, the U.K. and Germany," he noted.

He stated that carnations were the most advantageous product in terms of competition. "Carnation constitutes 90% of the cut flowers. Unfortunately, since we do not have a world-class environment to grow other species of flowers, our export of cut flowers is focused on carnations at the moment. Since the color of Christmas is red, there is a very high demand for red flowers. There is also a keen interest in white, purple and maroon flowers."