The IPM Essen 2020 is coming to an end today. For four days, more than 1,500 exhibitors presented their products and services. Over the years, this exhibition has developed itself as one of the major exhibitions in the industry attracting visitors from all over the world. The increasing interest is also probably a result of the fair's efforts to represent every link in the chain, from breeder to grower, retailer, florist and end consumer. 

FloralDaily and fellow colleagues were again present at the show to learn more about the trends and developments and to make a photo report. This report will be published on Monday February 3.

Frank de Greef of Fleurizon presenting Indoor Plant Combos. This is a new line of indoor plant combinations. "It has multiple plants per pot so these root very quickly for quick and easy turn-around."

Emilie Stærmose of Queen Genetics presenting their pot rose and succulent assortment. They are expanding the assortments all the time while the demand continues to increase. 

Erick Ciraud of DHMI presenting the new Quartz Pink and Yellow dipladenia that will be available in 2021. According to Ciraud, the color combination of the flower is unique, with the large yellow throat and dark pink color. Also, the flower shape looks like a sanderi type, even though it is a hybrid now. 

Lidia Roezner of Oboya presenting all kinds of different trays and sleeves.