China: Jinning has an annual output of 4 billion fresh-cut flowers

In the implementation of the rural revitalization process, Jinning District of Kunming City has made the flower industry larger and stronger as an important starting point for farmers to increase their income, and to promote the harmonious development of rural areas.

The government promotes the adjustment of planting structure
Located in the Jinning District on the south bank of Dianchi Lake, the climate is pleasant and the land is fertile, providing fertile soil for flower cultivation. Jinning has always been a traditional agricultural county, and has been regarded as the "Granary of Central Yunnan" and "Hometown of Fish and Rice". But behind the brilliance is the slow development of the agricultural economy and the weak increase in farmers' income. In the early 1990s, farmers in Jinning built sheds in the fields and used the grain-growing land for vegetable and flower planting. Vegetable and flower sheds appeared in the fields of the area rapidly. In the past few years, Jining's flower planting has grown rapidly and has shown strong development momentum.

The Jinning government at all levels has seen the trend of agricultural development, guided farmers to adjust the planting structure, and provided comprehensive support in terms of policies, funds, technology, science and technology, and market information. Internal needs and external assistance have promoted the rapid development of flower planting in Jinning, which has become the first one of the province's famous flower districts.

In order to better guide the development of the flower industry, Jining established the Vegetable and Flower Office, which is responsible for the guidance and service of the development of the vegetable and flower industry in the region, so that the flower industry has sustained and healthy development. Subsequently, the "Plan for the Development of the Flower Industry in Jinning District, Kunming, Yunnan Province (2019-2023)" was formulated and issued, scientifically guiding the large-scale development of the flower industry in the region, and actively promoting the demonstration and creation of flowers and counties in one industry to improve quality and efficiency. Further, to promote the revitalization of rural industries.

In recent years, with the accelerated pace of Kunming's urban construction and the southward shift of flower production bases, Jinning has taken over the flower planting from Chenggong, and the flower industry has risen rapidly and has become the most important dominant feature industry in Jinning, which is also regarded as the main economic pillar of increasing farmers' income. Up to now, the planting scale of flowers in Jinning has reached 4,000 hectares, with an annual output of 4 billion fresh-cut flowers, ranking first in the province, with a comprehensive output value of nearly 2.9 billion RMB, ranking fourth in the province. Jinning's fresh-cut flower industry has become an important force to promote rural rejuvenation and increase farmers' income in the floral industry in Yunnan province.

Policy drives to a bigger and stronger flower industry
In order to further expand and strengthen the flower industry and achieve quality and efficiency of flower planting, Yunnan Province has specifically designated Jining as the focus county of the flower industry in Yunnan in the development of the 2016-2020 plateau characteristic modern agriculture in the "Thirteenth Five-Year" flower industry development plan. Yunnan Provincial Department of Agriculture, Yunnan Provincial Development and Reform Commission and Yunnan Provincial Forestry Department identified the flowers of Jining District as the advantageous areas of Yunnan's characteristic agricultural products; As the country's largest fresh-cut flower planting area, as the core producing area of ​​temperate flowers in Yunnan Province to cultivate, and it could be supported by policies, funds, and technologies.

In May 2019, Jinning District successfully applied for the establishment of a "one county, one industry" demonstration county in Yunnan Province. Strive to establish a demonstration county to improve the level of large-scale, greening, professionalization, organization, and marketization of the flower industry in Jinning District, and promote the "Jining Flowers" to improve quality and efficiency, transform and upgrade.

Science and technology promote the quality and efficiency of the flower industry
Science and technology are the primary-level productive force. The development of the flower industry is also inseparable from the support of technology. Taking advantage of the vigorous development of the flower industry, Jinning takes modern agriculture with plateau characteristics as the starting point and comprehensively builds a flower industry chain system that integrates scientific research, production, processing, trading, transportation, sales, and social support services to promote beautiful flowers.

Jinning's flower industry has gradually moved from small-scale to specialized and large-scale, from a single low-end type to a diversified high-quality type. Yunnan Provincial Flower Technology Training and Promotion Center has established a national-level new plant test station for rose, rhododendron, gerbera, and carnation. At the same time, it has also established an international flower demonstration park for new and excellent varieties, a demonstration base for green and efficient planting of flowers in Yunnan Province, a new plant variety testing center for flower practitioner training bases in Yunnan Province, and a national phosphorus resource research and technology engineering research center in Yuntianhua Group which focuses on research on flower soil monitoring and fertilizer application.

Numerous technology companies and R & D centers have settled in Jinning, which have provided technical support for improving the quality and efficiency of the flower industry in Jinning, occupying the high-end flower market, and increasing the momentum of flower varieties.

Cooperatives drive the creation of quality flower brands
For a long time, farmers have been accustomed to the "single-battle" type of planting methods. They lack the grasp of market conditions and the prevention of risk awareness. They have exhausted the difficulties of inadequate market information, lack of technologies, poor sales, and blindly follow the trend. In order to solve the problems of farmers 'wide planting, thin harvesting, and unobvious planting benefits, with cultivating "market-oriented and technical-type" farmers, Jinning has established a number of agricultural cooperatives on the basis of government-led and farmers' voluntary.

Through cooperatives, the production of thousands of small-scale households is effectively connected with the ever-changing large market, forming a whole, improving the ability of farmers to resist market risks. Up to now, the region's flower industry employs more than 20,000 households, more than 55,100 people, 1,100 professional and technical personnel engaged in flower production technical guidance services, 910 flower farmers who have been certified by the new professional farmer training and 229 flower companies. Among them: 3 leading enterprises above the municipal level; 75 specialized farmer cooperatives, 1 national demo farmer cooperative, and 3 provincial demo cooperatives.

Cooperatives connect the market with one hand and hold farmers with another hand, providing farmers with an experience exchange platform, market information, technical training, business guidance, and services. Not only changed the traditional planting model and improved the comparative benefits of agriculture, but also cultivated a large number of experts who understand technologies, good management, and marketing.

With the rapid development of the flower industry, the flower planting area in Jinning has gradually the development pattern which is dominated by roses, supplemented by carnations, gerberas, lilies, and hydrangeas with a large number of high-quality flower market brands.

Market leverage to increase farmers' income
Jinning's flower industry has undergone a historical evolution from small to large, from weak to strong, and has further promoted rural development and increased farmers' income. Through the government's tangible hands to guide and support, and the market's invisible hands to pull and guide, a vivid situation of one flower leading multiple industries.

Experts pointed out that Yunnan province, China in Asia, Kenya in Africa, Colombia, and Ecuador in South America are also known as the world's three most suitable flower production areas, and Jinning is located in the core area of ​​Kunming flower production area in Yunnan. There is no scorching summer, four seasons are like spring, and the dry and wet seasons are distinguished, which provides prerequisites for flower planting.

At present, Kunming International Flower Auction Trading Center is only 40 minutes away from Jinning District. Good traffic conditions and the wide market have provided large-scale trading channels and venues for the industrialization of Jinning flowers. There are more than 55,100 people engaged in the flower industry in Jinning, and more than half of the rural families and population are engaged in flower planting in detail. Flowers have become the most outstanding industry in the agricultural industry to increase income and encourage local growers to gain wealth.

In the next step, Jinning will seize the great opportunity created by the "one county, one industry" demonstration county in Yunnan Province, and highlight the implementation of six projects, the public infrastructure upgrading and improvement projects in traditional planting areas, "one village, one product", improve the facilities and equipment in traditional planting areas, Green Ecological and Efficient Production Technology Integration Demonstration Project, Post-harvest Processing Technology Integration Demonstration Project, Internet of Things Demonstration Base and Network Sales Platform Construction Project, to upgrade the brand construction and science and technology as well as R & D Projects to lead a good life, let the flower industry bloom everywhere in Jinning, with full of fragrance.


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