"We have received word from the attorney representing us that the judge has denied our request for a Temporary Restraining Order", writes Goeff Hansen, Executive Director of the Michigan Greenhouse Growers Council in an update to members. "We received an update from Varnum Law on the actions of the Court on Friday and wanted to pass this information along. Their message is as follows:

The Court denied the Request for Temporary Restraining Order so the State’s Emergency Order remains in effect. The decision is disappointing in that the Court did not find the Order to be racially based. The State has until Tuesday to file a brief and then we will file reply brief due Thursday. We believe the Court did not fully consider facts and law presented and will work toward a brief that refocuses the Court’s consideration.

We have also heard that Farmworker Legal Services and Michigan Immigrant Rights Center will file briefs to support the State, and Migrant Legal Aid plans to file a brief to support workers and employers.

Again, we are disappointed with the initial decision and continue to have an uphill battle in challenging a COVID order. - Kim Clarke

"You should not wait for August 24th to test", Goeff continues. "Make sure you have made plans to have it done before the deadline. Keep up the good work, continue to keep your employees and customers safe during these tough times."

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