The flower industry has a collection of unique and inspiring stories about how, through time, and along the whole supply chain, with passion and commitment, it has developed into what it is today, an organized, state of the art, innovative and thriving industry, a well-oiled machine bringing wellness to people all over the world. Progeny Breeding is honored to be part of this story, celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. 

Ricardo londoño Sales and Marketing at Progeny Breeding

When it all started
Forty years ago, two traditional families in the floral industry, the Herrera family and the Yoder family, agreed to work closely together in breeding, selecting, growing, selling and delivering to the world, the best Chrysanthemums.

For more than 40 years, the Yoder family, bred in the USA Chrysanthemums, one of the most wonderful and appreciated species of flowers to consumers.

At the same time, the Herrera family, in Colombia, was selecting and growing Yoder's varieties, in the Bogota Savannah. The selection of the most suited varieties for the highland tropics, produced the highest quality Chrysanthemums for the world market.

The Herrera family with over five decades of experience cultivating the highest quality Chrysanthemums, made the acquisition of Yoder's genetics, and founded, Progeny Breeding in 2010, in Colombia.

During the past ten years Progeny Breeding has become one of the leading companies in the Chrysanthemum breeding in Colombia. It has developed two breeding sites, to breed varieties suited for the Bogota Savannah and for lower altitudes, like the ones found close to the Medellin area. Plus an evaluation area in “La Ceja”, the biggest production area in the country.

What Progeny Breeding's varieties are known for
The Progeny Breeding's varieties are known to have the best characteristics for the American, European and Asian market; for their high productivity and stability in the field, for their long vase life and high-quality flowers and for the innovation in textures and flower look. Some of the best known varieties, include among others, Meraki, "a bright white daisy, with large flowers and higher than average number of flowers per stem, fit for excellent color dyeing". Kampala is a dark deep mysterious purple cushion, valued for the number of flowers per stem and their size. Shifting to the bicolor the eye-catching Starfire, a bright purple cushion with hints of pure white. On the romantic side, there is the warm soft pink of Carina a disbud cushion. On the much appreciated yellow shades, there is Gabo a cheerful yellow disbud cushion with beautiful foliage.

10th anniversary 
Progeny Breeding 10th Anniversary is celebrated amidst difficult and challenging times, for all. “This great pause, during which flowers have been a privileged and appreciated by most, has reassured our commitment to persistently continue to breed the best Chrysanthemum varieties, for an ongoing thriving future of the industry. Furthermore, for a blooming and happy world. We are grateful for celebrating our first decade of success with every single stakeholder in the industry, who has made it possible. We are glad to know that our flowers bring happiness to many homes and now home-offices, and front-line courageous workers around the world”, says Veronica Herrera, Progeny Breeding's General Manager.

Chrysanthemum Week
Progeny breeding will also participate at the Chrysanthemum Week 2020, where one can see their new collection.

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