Seed and young plant distributor Flores y Plantas de Calidad, a member of Grupo AKIKO, which serves the Mexican market, has agreed to a joint venture with Ball Horticultural Company. The 50/50 partnership will continue to provide family-owned parent company Grupo AKIKO access to the horticulture offerings of Ball. The two companies have a long-term partnership of more than 20 years, and this agreement solidifies their commitment.

“For decades, Ball has enjoyed a strong relationship with Grupo AKIKO as the leading distributor in Mexico, and we believe in the growth of the Mexican horticulture market,” says Susannah Ball, spokesperson for Ball Horticultural Company. “As a neighbor with access to existing supply channels, plus with their dedication to the industry, joining with AKIKO is a positive next step in our ongoing partnership.”

Grupo AKIKO will continue under its current leadership and dedicated management teams.

“Our vision has always been to provide the highest quality products with the best technical information to serve our clients,” says Claudia Lee, on behalf of Grupo AKIKO, which serves ornamental growers in more than 15 states of the Republic. “Our customers will ultimately reap the benefits of this partnership and we look forward to more collaboration between our two strong companies.”

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