Terra Nova Nurseries recently released their 2020-2021 plant catalog that presents hundreds of varieties and numerous series and collections from Terra Nova Nurseries. One of the series presented is the Geum Tempo Series of which they released a new video recently as well. This new geum video is part of its ongoing “Terra Nova Varieties View” series. 

2020-2021 plant catalog 
The 2020-2021 edition of Terra Nova's plant catalog marks 28 years of bringing breeding innovation and improvements to the global horticulture industry. The 2020-2021 catalog will be digital in format and accompanied by a print and digital supplement showing and detailing key information and highlights.

The digital 2020-2021 catalog from Terra Nova Nurseries includes sections for each genus and featured varieties within all newly released series and collections. New, individual varieties are also profiled across large, colorful display pages. Selections include agastache, begonia, coleus, coreopsis, echinacea, geum, heuchera, heucherella, kniphofia, lewisia, pulmonaria, sedum, tiarella, and others.

The catalog features numerous sections with updated plant and breeding information regarding new plants for 2020-2021; Terra Nova Nurseries’ top pollinator plants; Heuchera NORTHERN EXPOSURE Sienna as ‘Plant of the Year’; 2019 trial garden highlights; Terra Nova’s presence at the Beijing Expo Park gardens; Terra Nova Nurseries and ThinkPlants™ partnership; marketing metrics; cultural information; the company’s unrooted cutting program (UTC); sales team contacts; ordering forms; early ordering discount details; and other resourceful content.

Information regarding Terra Nova Nurseries’ Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program can be found in the catalog as well. This section explains how the company has continued to develop and implement a sustainable biocontrol IPM program to defend its plants against problem pests. This program is also employed to provide Terra Nova customers with strong and healthy plants.

This year’s digital-only catalog will include an updated and expanded “Garden Trial Highlights” section, which features feedback on the performance, popularity and resilience of trialed Terra Nova plants.

The 2020-2021 catalog has a companion supplement offered in print and digital formats. The supplement highlights changes made to Terra Nova’s new Bare Root Kniphofia Crown Program. It also includes information about Terra Nova’s ThinkPlants™ partnership; 12-month Heuchera/Heucherella Early Order Discount Program; and new plants for 2020-2021. The supplement also features Terra Nova’s “Class of 2019,” highlighting 10 popular varieties from last year that are now retail ready.

The 2020-2021 catalog can be downloaded at www.terranovanurseries.com. The supplement’s print copies will be mailed to Terra Nova Nurseries’ customers, brokers, licensees, trade publications, and other industry partners.

Geum Series Video
Besides the catalog, this breeding company also released a new geum video as part of its ongoing “Terra Nova Varieties View” series. The new video showcases a series of geum varieties named the Geum Tempo Series. Chuck Pavlich, Terra Nova’s director of new product development, is featured in the video, sharing his insight about the series and its three colorful varieties.

Terra Nova’s Geum Tempo Series was showcased as part of the video program because it showcases the company’s problem-solving geum breeding. Terra Nova realized the common problem of poor-quality foliage among most geums in the market, and solved it by breeding the Geum Tempo Series to have spectacular foliage. Pavlich explains in the video that the series was bred to incorporate lush summertime foliage, appropriate flower height and a plethora of flowers.

Geum TEMPO™ Rose, Geum TEMPO™ Orange, and Geum TEMPO™ Yellow

Included in the Geum Tempo Series are Geum Tempo Rose, Geum Tempo Orange and Geum Tempo Yellow. The varieties grow in a dense, compact and mounding habit, and bloom in early spring. They have an excellent bloom count and are long-blooming, allowing pollinators to enjoy the plants for months. U.S.D.A Hardiness Zones for the varieties are 5-9, and their exposure allows for full sun. They are deer resistant, pollinator attractors and easy to grow, and they perform well in edging, borders and mixed beds.

The newest variety shown in the video, Geum Tempo Rose, produces rose-pink, semi-double flowers on short, black stems. It also re-blooms very well and has an extended flower time. This variety has a foliage height of 8”, foliage spread of 12” and flower height of 21”. Pavlich states in the video that Geum Tempo Rose is a great achievement in geum breeding.

Geum Tempo Orange has numerous, double-to-single blooms that shift in color from cream-to-peach-to-orange. It has a foliage height of 9”, foliage spread of 16” and flower height of 15”. This variety is described as a “flower machine” by Pavlich in the video.

Geum Tempo Yellow features semi-double, canary-yellow flowers with slightly red edges that are held by black stems above bright green leaves. It has a foliage height of 14”, foliage spread of 24” and flower height of 20”.

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