Nationwide Auctioning is one of the focus points of Royal FloraHolland’s strategy. Nationwide Auctioning will optimise the floriculture chain. They currently auction in three locations; soon, they’ll be auctioning nationwide, independent of location.

100% Remote Buying (KOA)
Remote Buying is a condition for Nationwide Auctioning. In order to continue offering buyers access to the broadest and deepest range of flowers and plants, and to prepare you for the switch to the nationwide digital clock, it is important that buyers switch to the KOA Buyers Workstation before 2 November. From that moment on, all auction room workstations will be converted to KOA Buyers Workstations, and this will be the only way to buy from the auction room on the Royal FloraHolland clocks.

Buyer's workplace
Royal FloraHolland are converting the auction room workstations into a KOA Buyers Workstations. They would like to know what is driving buyers to buy at a Royal FloraHolland location, and why not from a different location, such as the buyer's own company. They would like to discuss this with buyers. What criteria should such a workplace at one of the Royal FloraHolland locations comply with? What are the wishes and requirements for a nicer workplace? And what should it cost? In order to gain a good insight, they will soon be sending a questionnaire to buyers.

Logistics and transport
Logistics and transport are also changing. The auction is going to organise its logistics more efficiently and optimise transport between branches. How will this work? The products arrive at one of the Royal FloraHolland locations. This is not necessarily the location where the product was purchased. For example, purchases are made at the clock in Aalsmeer, while the products are located in Naaldwijk. They will subsequently provide transportation between the export locations.

Improved product information
One of the consequences of this new logistics process is that trolleys will no longer physically appear before the clock. Reliable product information will become even more important to reach a purchasing decision. Unfortunately, the product information is not always reliable. Royal FloraHolland are going to work on this, together with buyers and growers.

Digital Nationwide Clock
With the new digital clock they concentrate supply and demand in Floriday. In addition to Direct Sales and Clock Presales, Floriday will also make a Digital Nationwide Clock available to all growers and buyers. This creates a single marketplace where growers make the broadest, deepest and also most sustainable range of flowers and plants available worldwide. And where buyers can make purchases through all available trade channels - fully digitally.

Source: Royal FloraHolland