Few industries have not experienced an impact from Covid19 in one way or another. For the horticultural industry, there's been a resurgence of the home gardener and an interest in sustainability.

With many still fairly isolated to their homes, families are heading out to enjoy the natural world right outside their back door. In turn, they’re using this time (and money) to make improvements based on the lack of curb appeal they see in front of them.

Another surprising result of the pandemic is a somewhat drastic shift in consumers interest in sustainability, their attitude towards environmental practices and the repercussions of what they do and how they live.

In a recent survey conducted by Kearney Management Consultants, participants were asked about their interest in sustainability and environmental products, and whether their opinions had changed due to COVID-19. The survey revealed:

  • 48% said the pandemic had made them more concerned about the environment
  • 55% said that as a result of their COVID-19 experiences they were “more likely to purchase environmentally friendly products”
  • And a whopping 78% of consumers now believe that companies could be doing more to help them make decisions that improve environmental outcomes.

Corey Chafin, a principal at Kearney’s Global Consumer Practice, says, “This year we see consumers expressing a more direct link between their health and the health of the planet. This tells us consumers’ pro-environmental sentiments are more than idealistic assertions. When it comes to the environment, consumers mean business.”

But what does that mean for growers and garden centers when consumers overall interest in sustainability has increased?

For the grower, this is an opportunity to bring your inventory full circle by utilizing and marketing plants and vegetables grown in sustainable, molded fiber growing containers.

These biodegradable containers are not only environmentally friendly – as their composition of recycled paper and water will naturally and harmlessly decompose in the soil – but they’re also convenient for the home gardener as the entire plant (pot and all) can be safely planted in the ground or a favorite container.

Learn more about molded pulp fiber solutions and how they’re produced.

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