ORBCOMM Inc., a global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, announced that it has been selected by Armellini Express, the largest transporter of fresh cut flowers in the United States and a provider of truckload services for temperature-controlled shipments, to provide its in-cab solution for their fleet of trucks. ORBCOMM’s advanced solution provides wireless connectivity through its industry-leading hardware and integrated Cloud-based analytics platform and information management engine for optimal fleet management.

Based in Palm City, FL, Armellini Express is using ORBCOMM’s in-cab solution to gain complete visibility, monitoring and management of their drivers and trucks. ORBCOMM’s in-cab solution delivers GPS fleet tracking and connects to the truck’s CANbus to seamlessly collect important data from the engine, brake systems, fuel tanks and more, providing access to deep analytics and reporting via ORBCOMM’s state-of-the-art web platform. By automating hours of service calculations, ORBCOMM enables Armellini Express to comply with the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) and FMCSA Hours of Service (HOS). ORBCOMM’s solution also helps Armellini Express improve driver safety by providing live, on-board driver performance scoring and correcting unsafe driving behaviors that lead to accidents, fines and higher insurance. With ORBCOMM’s advanced solution, Armellini Express can leverage the power of deep data insights about their trucks to enhance compliance, driver efficiency and fleet performance, while maximizing savings with better fuel efficiency and preventive maintenance.

In addition, Armellini Express is using an integration that links ORBCOMM’s data from its truck assets to the McLeod Software transportation management system. The McLeod integration facilitates workflow management and complete visibility across Armellini Express’s fleet operations, further improving productivity and enhancing communications between drivers, dispatchers and customers. Armellini Express is also focused on making its processes completely paperless by integrating their truck data into the TMT Fleet Maintenance software to further reduce operating costs by deploying their workforce more effectively, automating maintenance lifecycles, improving mechanic utilization and lowering replacement costs through increased warranty recovery dollars.

“Armellini Express has been at the forefront of new technology in the transportation industry for 75 years, and we’re pleased to provide our advanced in-cab solution to help streamline their fleet operations and improve profitability,” said Marc Eisenberg, Chief Executive Officer of ORBCOMM Inc. “ORBCOMM’s real-time monitoring and control of truck assets with deep analytics will help Armellini Express realize further improvements in their fleet’s performance, operating costs and driver behavior as their business continues to evolve.”

“ORBCOMM is the clear choice to help us upgrade our in-cab telematics solution and maximize our fleet management capabilities to take our business to the next level of efficiency, productivity and compliance,” said Jeff Jackson, Vice President of Operations for Armellini Express. “By integrating ORBCOMM’s solution with our transportation management system, we are seeing significant improvements in communications between our drivers, dispatchers and customers, which has led to better workflow management, driver behavior and customer service.”

Armellini Express has started installing ORBCOMM’s in-cab solution on their trucks and expects to complete the full deployment early in the fourth quarter of 2020.

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