After a busy spring, it is time to take a step back for Hoogeveen Plants and take the time to find the right balance again. Salesman Colin Kok: "This spring was of course different than any other spring, there simply was no brake anymore and we just kept on rolling."

Focus back on Helleborus
The fall has begun and for Hoogeveen Plants, that means Helleborus time. "Because of the various Helleborus locations we have, the work activities are not mixed so the preparation can be done in a structured way. The manager, cultivation employees and the employees on the floor made sure everything is prepared as it should. The employees in the various departments have been informed and the focus is back on Helleborus"

Good expectations
For the sales department, it is a very important task that all lines are known and turned on by the customers. "This was still something to figure out at certain moment. With the current corona situation, you do not just get in your car to visit customers, so you have to find creative ways to sell your products through other channels. The expectations are good and there is calm and confidence."

New location
Hoogeveen Plants is working year round on the Helleborus to make another step in efficiency. "We have, for example, a new location in Moerkappele, near the location last year commissioned in Zevenhuis. This results in even better cultivation."

These locations are completely automated with planting and harvesting of the plants. "We can quickly produce blossoming plants for in the hall and deliver the product as fresh as possible. The sorting camea makes sure the right quality is delivered to the right customer."

Spraying robot
The growers work with a completely automated spraying robot at the Helleborus location in Zevenhuizen.

The advantages of such a robot are for example:

  • Large savings in the quantity of chemical crop protection agents.
  • The more frequent and correctly timed application of crop protection agents against lice for example, but also for a better resistance.*
  • The possibility to set everything up for processing after work hours.
  • A better uniformity because of a more uniform spraying during braking.

*50% of the agents used in the cultivation of Helleborus at Hoogeveen Plants is now organic.

Sustainability steps
Besides the above cultivation measures, Hoogeveen Plants has taken the following step to a more sustainable world. Colin: "We believe our story is very important to share and we want to give a clear signal to our customers."

New steps taken are:

  1. Reducing use of plastic by:
    - using pots produced with up to 30% less plastic
    - smart trolley layout reduction of seal use up to 80%
  2. All plastic from recycled origin and also recyclable again (detectable)*
    -pots are made from consumer waste. 100% recycled plastic (PP) and recyclable again.
    -trays are made from 100% recycled plastic (PS) coming from the inside of refrigerators.
    -labels are made of 100% recycled RPP.

*Plastic Hoogeveen Plants uses at the nursery is collected separately so it can be recycled by the suppliers to make new pots, trays or labels. The season can start.

Colin: 'We keep active and that is what I like in this company. We keep on growing by doing the right thing and that takes the right people. And by attracting good people, we can actually realize this growth."

It should be clear: the entire team at Hoogeveen Plants is ready for the colder days and the quality is even better than last year. "We are ready for it!"


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