Mother of 3 children who started to grow flowers as a hobby in Tokat is trying to keep up with the demands by establishing a greenhouse with the support of her family.

In Tokat, a classroom teacher and her husband rented a garden after his retirement. The couple, who produced flowers as a hobby for the garden they rented, attracted great attention in a short time. Setting out from their highly admired gardens, the family turned to the floristry profession. The entrepreneur family rented land from the treasury and built a greenhouse on approximately 2 decares of land. The grower, who started to work with flower wholesalers from many cities as well as florists in the city center, has made significant progress in becoming a professional in what they do as a hobby. The family, which starts to produce approximately 10 thousand cut flowers annually in their greenhouses, is trying to meet the domestic demands.

Source: Haber 7