In a world focused on social distancing, safety and health, this latest project brings nature a little closer to help improve on all counts. Mobilane Ivy Green Screens have been installed by Hedera Screens in wooden planters in areas and main thoroughfares across the City, creating natural distancing reminders and restricting unloading and drop-off areas in an attractive, unobtrusive and environmentally friendly way. 

Rapid green taskforce
Leicester City Council’s urban environmental goals called upon the flexibility and experience of a rapid taskforce of installers to bring green elements across the City during lockdown and beyond. An initiative to introduce Mobilane Ivy Green Screens alongside busy traffic routes had been underway with the Council for some time. As the urban situation worsened during COVID19 conditions, Hedera Screens were asked to react swiftly in the provision of green screening around what would normally be high traffic and communal areas across the City Centre. 

Natural defenses and air quality
Initially looking at improving green infrastructure and introducing green screens for their known natural powers to help remove harmful pollutants (PM10s) along the most highly polluted routes, the Council had to react quickly with the interests of its visitors, commuters and the environment at its core during lockdown periods.

Green and Contact-free
Working closely with Leicestershire-based greening experts and installers Hedera Screens, the Council requested an initial delivery of 10 ivy green screens, supplied ready-planted in 1.45m long standard softwood timber planters. These bespoke planters, hand-made from scratch by the Hedera Screens team, would complement the larger planted boxes arriving along walkways and planted with larger trees.  

The simplicity and flexibility of working with a local supplier and expert such as Hedera Screens meant that the installation team could arrive on site, offload, fix and leave swiftly and safely with the minimum of social interaction and disruption. These instantly dense green screens, planted into moveable wooden planters, start working straight away, assisting with social distancing as well as bringing their scientifically-proven air cleaning benefits to a high traffic urban environment.

Recognising the power of green
Reacting quickly to an ever-changing situation, Hedera Screens continued to supply weekly drop-offs of screens for populous locations in the busy Golden Mile (Melton Road), the main shopping areas of Granby Street and St. Martins Square and as required. To date, over 70 Mobilane Green Screens can be found hard at work, marking a safe distance and improving air quality across the City.

Roadside Screening
Revisiting the original brief from Leicester City Council to supply sturdy green screens along the busiest, most polluted area in the very centre at Vaughan Way underpass, Hedera Screens returned in September to supply and secure 21 oak steel boxed green screens along the underpass.

The planters stand along the central reservation, their steel frameworks clad with oak for safety and reinforcement. The Mobilane Green Screens, two per planter, are already working hard improving air quality and adding a welcome addition of nature on this heavily trafficked concourse. With the minimum of disruption, the pre-planted screen and planter modular units could be dropped, fixed and ready quickly and safely, ensuring the ongoing success of this project

The City Council has allocated designated maintenance teams to the upkeep and watering of the screens and the tree planters and there is a wider potential for additional screens to be supplied in other areas across the City.

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