"For a long time, we have wanted to offer more than roses, and now it's a reality", says Daniela Lobato Jarrín , Project Director at Agrivaldani. Besides roses, they are now also producing and exporting scabiosas and limonium at their farm that is located in the North of Ecuador. Soon they will also produce Sunflowers, Dianthus, Ranunculus, and Craspedia. 

Expanding assortment
At Agrivaldani, 15 ha is used for the production of roses, which they export worldwide to mainly wholesalers. and 13 ha is available for innovation. For the trail period of the summer flowers, they cut back on roses. "We used a greenhouse that previously had roses and planted Limonium, Scabiosa, Sunflowers, and other products we have tried out." 

Starting During Covid-19
The first samples have been sent out in the midst of the pandemic and they were very pleased that their clients were open to receive them, even in moments when transportation was limited and restrictions continued to challenge their business operations

"Our first samples of Limonium were sent in April." And the reactions were positive. "We had good feedback and our customers expressed interest to continue purchasing these flowers." The first samples of Scabiosa were sent in August. "This crop has been more difficult for us to understand compared to Limonium but our clients’ feedback has greatly helped us to improve our quality and processes." They sent these products to clients, mainly wholesalers, in Vietnam, USA, Russia, Qatar, Chile, Canada and Italy.

"Proud of our team"
During Covid-19, Lobato Jarrín recalls the farm’s complex experience trying to produce completely new products during COVID-19. "I acknowledge that what made our project move forward was our team's dedication and the support of our dear customers", she says. "Our team members were extremely helpful because they were devoted to continue learning and assisting our project despite the crisis, therefore, they quickly adapted to all changes that occurred

Expanding production acreage
Because our trails went well, they are planning to expand by using part of their available 13 ha to grow Summer Flowers and innovate to other types of products or perhaps even expand into other industries. We want to continue learning through innovation." At the moment, 99% of their 15 ha production area is used for roses, but for the next year, they aspire to have at least 1 ha dedicated to summer flowers and new products. "Currently we have begun producing other products such as Dianthus Barbatus (Available to our customers in January 2021), Craspedias (Available to our customers around March 2021), Sunflowers (Available to our customers in December 2020)."

Future plans 
"We are focused on continuing to innovate with the production and exporting of our new products because we are committed to address our clients’ needs, while promoting our team’s professional development by building expertise on other types of flowers. Our 2021 goals is to continue developing and growing our Summer Flower program: At least 1 ha of these products."

For more information:
Alejandra Lobato Jarrín
New Products Sales Executive

Daniela Lobato Jarrín
New Products Project Director