Hortidaily and FloralDaily are very glad to announce the launch of a new segment - VerticalFarmDaily.com. Vertical Farm Daily will send out a daily newsletter about all relevant indoor/vertical farming news from around the globe. 

Rebekka Boekhout

Growing market
As you probably know, there’s a lot of talk about in vertical farming and growing without daylight in the horticulture industry. Whilst this is not quite the same as greenhouse growing, we get a lot of requests to publish press releases and articles for this market and we’re happy to oblige. We hear from the industry that there’s a lack of knowledge exchange and that growers operate separately – that’s what we’re looking to change with the daily newsletter, VerticalFarmDaily.

Through this news platform, we will help raise name awareness for organizations involved within the industry on our site and in our newsletter.

Warming up
Some readers might have seen our brand new publication already and might have even found it in their inboxes as we have been warming up over the last couple of weeks. Now all the bugs have been fixed (or, at least we hope) Rebekka Boekhout is more than happy to send out the newsletter every weekday. 

What to expect?
So what can you expect from us?

  • A daily newsletter including all novelties from the vertical farming industry
  • Technical insights on growing
  • Market information
  • Event coverage
  • Addressing frequently requested topics
  • Adding transparency to the industry

If you have press releases, articles, or interesting subjects to share, or are interested in advertising on our new publication, please do let us know! 

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