Bringing heavyweight innovative techniques and advanced products in agricultural technology, the Agricultural Technology Research Institute (hereafter "ATRI") will take part in the 2020 HORTI ASIA online virtual exhibition through the comprehensive image of the Taiwan Pavilion. Rather than flying to Bangkok to attend the show in person, exhibition goers can take a close look at the techniques and products on display at the Taiwan Pavilion by simply visiting the online exhibition platform, which allows outstanding and innovative agricultural technologies from Taiwan to continue to shine on the international stage in spite of the serious conditions of the global pandemic.

HORTI ASIA is the preeminent major exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region focusing on flowers, vegetables, agricultural growing techniques and production, as well as greenhouse techniques. The event consistently draws tens of thousands of agricultural product buyers, experts, and academics each year. It is clear that HORTI ASIA's influence drives industrial development and techniques in agriculture.

On the official website for HORTI ASIA, visitors can view eye-catching displays at the Taiwan Pavilion and make use of the matching service, which is intended to extend the international reach of Taiwan's agricultural enterprises and vendors and generate international business opportunities for all participants. Different from other exhibitors at HORTI ASIA, the Taiwan Pavilion has painstakingly planned and built a 3D digital showroom to attract and inform visitors. Combining artistic design and virtual product display and planning, the showroom brilliantly showcases the professional image of the Taiwan Pavilion in full 360-degree viewing, giving visitors as real an experience as possible, short of visiting the pavilion in person. The digital showroom not only highlights Taiwan's intentions and ambition to promote agricultural technologies at international exhibitions, it also raises Taiwan's overall image and reputation for agricultural techniques.

The Taiwan Pavilion has successfully brought together agricultural research units from the Council of Agriculture and agricultural enterprises with the united goal of expanding operations to New Southbound countries. Within the Taiwan Pavilion banner visitors will find more than 20 techniques and exhibit categories, including agricultural machinery, agricultural supplies, tropical seeds and seedlings, greenhouse equipment, and smart agricultural equipment.

Leading examples include The "Technology of Research and Production of Granular Chicken Manure Fertilizer", researched and developed by the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, which features low processing costs and great market competitiveness. The Agriculture and Food Agency, the Kaohsiung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station and the Taichung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station have rounded up several items of agricultural machinery and equipment, which can significantly reduce agricultural production costs and increase human resource efficiency. The Taoyuan District Agricultural Research and Extension Station's "A Led/ccfl. Insect Pest Trap" is capable of effectively capturing greenhouse pests, sparing no effort in promoting biological control. Heat-resistant vegetable seeds and seedlings developed by the Tainan District Agricultural Research and Extension Station, the Hualien District Agricultural Research and Extension Station, and the Taiwan Seed Improvement and Propagation Station are highly suitable for promotion and marketing in tropical countries.

On the agricultural enterprise side, Taiding Automatic Canopy Ltd. has overcome climate challenges in New Southbound nations to launch greenhouse facilities suitable for tropical climates, showcasing its advantages in production. Geosat Aerospace & Technology Inc. and Taiwan HiPoint Corporation will exhibit agricultural drones and automated phenotype analysis products, respectively. They are able to create a high-tech presence via virtual 3D products and video footage, while showcasing application results in smart agriculture. Also, a wide range of seeds and seedlings services from Tai-i Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd. have been marketed internationally, as the company strives to establish a leading position in the development of agricultural techniques for Taiwan.

Effective today, guests can visit the show until the end of 2020 via HORTI ASIA's official website or by scanning the following QR code. Don't miss this chance to feast your eyes on the beautiful Taiwan Pavilion and check out innovative and high-tech agricultural products. The general public and related agricultural enterprises and vendors are welcome to visit, and we strongly encourage you to take part in this rare opportunity!

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