Desch itself calls it 'the new sustainability standard'. The plastic pots for the horticultural sector of the young, forward-looking brands Recover® and D-TectPlus are not only made from recycled plastic, they are also in turn recyclable. Both are also fully Cyclos-HTP certified.

D-Tect®Plus and Recover® 

Desch introduced the Recover brand in 2019, followed by D-TectPlus in the spring. German testing institute Cyclos-HTP has certified both brands. They can be detected by near-infrared (NIR) technology, which means they can be efficiently separated from other waste during the processing of plastic waste. The pots can then be easily recycled into new plastic products, making the new sustainability standard a reality.

Recover pots are made from plastic consumer waste. D-TectPlus products are made from post-industrial recyclate: plastic waste generated by other plastic processing companies.

The production lines at Desch are running at full speed for both brands. The Recover thermoform pots are now available in 6 colours, while the pots from D-TectPlus are being made in no less than 14 colours. Still more colours will be added.

The new sustainability standard is also being extended to other Desch products. PS plant trays are increasingly being made from Recover in grey, so this product can be completely circular too. Recover is also made at the IPP and Epla factories. The decorative injection-moulded flowerpots from Epla are available in Recover quality, in no less than 20 attractive colours. This means a powerful new ingredient is added to the benefits Epla give to plants: sustainability.

Desch has been striving to create sustainable products ever since the company was founded. The first lightweight thermoform flowerpots, which were placed on the market to replace the heavier injection-mould pots, were made from waste generated by plastic processing companies. Even back then, the bases of these light pots already had a sophisticated design for optimal growth of roots and plants. They were produced in a way that allowed them to be processed automatically at the grower without any problems.

Desch has compiled a booklet that looks at Recover and D-TectPlus in more detail. The booklet can be viewed online or sent on request.

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