"When our breeding came around the corner with this new variety, everyone was a bit baffled at first and didn't really know what to do with it," says Milena Weller, Communications Manager at Selecta one when talking about their new poinsettia Christmas Mouse. "But the longer we thought about it and even made fun of the fact that the bracts look like the ears of a mouse, the more the idea started to take shape! We thought, why not bring something completely new to the market and address a younger target group who is open to an outbreak of traditional?”

And they did. In 2019, Christmas Mouse first appeared on the market and after winning the Glazen Tulp award in the category ‘Flowering houseplants’ in the beginning of this year, growers really started to show interest in this variety. "Especially the unusual round leaf shape, the cute image and the fact that this variety is easy to grow, appeals to many growers."

Christmas Mouse®

Good start of the season
They are being produced worldwide, especially in European countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and France, but also in the United States. Currently, they are leaving the greenhouse en masse. 

According to Ton de Bresser (Head of Sales at Selecta Holland), it was a good start of the Poinsettia season and growers expect have an extra sales boost towards Christmas. "Red is and will remain the most important colour. Christmas Mouse will be an important variety in the coming years. It is suitable for both the traditional consumer and the consumer who wants a different poinsettia. And now it's up to Selecta to tell the world about this slightly different poinsettia."

A German story
The story of the Christmas Mouse already exists in form of a German Christmas poem of the storyteller James Krüss. It’s about "the Christmas mouse" who comes only out of its hole during the Christmas season. And has only one goal: sweets.

Selecta has visualised the story wonderfully in comic images and a playful logo which is free available and can be requested for designs and promotion material. What is particularly beautiful is that the drawings were drawn by the former apprentice with true artistic talent. She is still working for Selecta after her apprenticeship and always enjoys seeing the success of the Christmas Mouse. “We are happy that we can reach many people and warm their hearts with our Christmas mouse story. We think, this is exactly what every one of us needs in this currently crazy world,” says Weller.

Different pot sizes
This interesting and strong variety is suitable for different pot sizes, from 6 cm up to 14 cm pots. The 6 cm pot is used for a single bract. The 9 and 10,5 cm pot are the most common used pot sizes, with several bracts. But Christmas Mouse can also easily be cultivated in bigger pot sizes (13 and 14 cm pots). Christmas Mouse can easily be cultivated with other Selecta Poinsettia’s, like for example the series Christmas Feelings, as the reaction time is normal.

According to Selecta one, growers can already order young plants for 2021. The available marketing material can be found via this link.  

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