Xylella Fastidiosa is a bacteria that attacks plants. It is a plant pathogen. In this video below, a look is given into the devastating effects of this deadly disease on the historic olive trees in Puglia, Italy. 

Special thanks to:
Adriano Abate
Stefano Caragli
Marco Dinunzio
Pantaleo Drazza
Roberto Galluzzo
Michele Martini Carissimo
Giuseppe Rizzo
Dr. Maria Saponari
Fedele Scarpello
Giuseppe Solito
Donato Taurino
And the CNR for their collaboration

Winner of Best Ecological Film - Silk Road Film Awards 2020
Official Selection - Golden Short Film Festival 2020
Official Selection - Lift-Off Sessions 2020
Official Selection - New York International Film Awards 2020
Official Selection - Docs Without Borders Film Festival 2021
Semi-Finalist - Prisma Rome Independent Film Awards 2020

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