As the nights are getting colder, the poinsettias from Kwekerij Wouters in Ens, the Netherlands receive an extra warm blanket before they are delivered to the customers.

Wouters has been using Amevo's ThermoStretch to ensure that the poinsettias don't catch a cold when being transported.

"It's not only because of the cold that we use ThermoStretch," says Pascal Langevoort of Kwekerij Wouters, "because ThermoStretch is breathable, humidity during transport also remains much better than when the trolleys are sealed with foil.

"During cultivation, we do everything to obtain a top-quality poinsettia. Of course, we also want to get this beautiful plant to the customer in optimal condition.”

Folke van Dorp of AMEVO indicates that ThermoStretch was originally developed for the transportation of young orchid plants. The orchids proved extremely sensitive to cold and moisture during transport from the breeder to the grower. “It's always nice to see that such an innovative product as ThermoStretch finds a second use."

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