Seven million roses a year are planned to be grown by the LLC Teplichny Complex Novosibirsky by 2022. The most comfortable Siberian conditions have been created for the Dutch roses. For their allocation, 2 ha of greenhouses have been reconstructed. It is planned to grow chrysanthemums, gerberas and potted flowers at a later stage too.

The Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Central Federal District, Mr. Sergey Menyajlo, the Head of the region, Mr. Andrey Travnikov and the founder of GC Gorkunov, Mr. Boris Gorkunov took part in the festive opening of the rose greenhouse and discussed further plans, related to the horticulture situation in the region.

The Head of the region underlined that the management of the LLC Teplichny Complex Novosibirsky always keep their promises. Thus, when the second phase of greenhouse was launched, the reconstruction of the third one was discussed with the purpose of growing own Siberian flowers. As of today the task has been completed, noted Mr. Travnikov. The projects by GC Gorkunov in Tolmachevsky allowed the region reach self-sufficiency in greenhouse vegetables, tomatoes and cucumbers as well as begin export to other regions. These are the achievements of the current year, underlined the governor.

Mr. Gorkunov added that the whole territory from Novosibirsk to Vladivostok has been provided with the vegetables produced in the greenhouse complex and the same regions will now receive fresh flowers. He noted that in the coming 5 years the whole 16 ha greenhouse complex would switch to flower production. As of today only 15% of the overall flowers sold in the country are produced locally, the rest is imported, shared Mr. Gorkunov.

In May 2021, the company are planning to reconstruct another greenhouse with the acreage of 2 ha for rose production and in 2022 another 4 ha will be renovated.