Trend scout Klaus Wagener: “In times of abundance, where almost everything was possible, the COVID 19 pandemic hit us and slowed down our usual life. Suddenly we had to accept restrictions and show consideration. This was not easy, and over time we realised that the meaning of life was often lost from view - we asked ourselves more often now, what do I really need to be happy? Is ‘less’ sometimes not even ‘more’? We learned to live and consume much more consciously on the side. We suddenly have to be mindful of our fellow human beings, but also of nature, which is now suffering extremely and is threatening to slip out of balance. In the future, sustainability and honesty will play a major role in products and services. Tomorrow's consumers will scrutinise their consumption decisions much more than they have done in the past. This will increasingly shape the communication of companies. Fortunately, the floral and green sector with its nature-oriented assortments has the products of the future in its hands. We should recognise this as an opportunity and take it to the world with a well thought-out concept. The following 10 Floral Trends 2021 are a thematically prepared overview to all those who work in this sector and want to help shape it. I am looking forward to what lies ahead. Let's do this together!”

Klaus Wagener is a man with many professions: designer, trend scout, stylist, teacher, author of books and magazines and CEO + creative director of BLOOM's Medien publishing house. He has a tremendous passion for his work, which radiates from everything he touches.

1. Sunny Days 
Sunny yellow immediately brightens our spirit and it is the ideal mood-maker. Florists can make the sun rise with such room objects. It is quite demanding in terms of craftsmanship, but with the right materials, you can create the perfect design. Craspedia is one of them. These spherical blossoms dry perfectly. Many mini suns radiate permanently from this room installation. This way you can have a sunny day even when the sun is hiding behind the clouds.

2. Relax Zone
Taking a little time out, enjoying a cup of tea and letting our thoughts wander is what beautifully designed retreats at home offer us. Flowers are essential for such retreats and the feminine-looking clematis in particular is a prime example of beauty. And there are many other flowers that gently caress the soul and have a feel-good effect. Let the flowers do the talking!

3. Happy Home
The world of flowers is full of colour and in the "Happy Home" trend they dance full of joie de vivre through the space creatively created by florists. They love conviviality and are bursting with vitality. Everything seems very light and informal. It is a cheerful trend theme that fits perfectly into early summer. Let the flowers laugh and they will give us that little bit of happiness in the daily grind of life. 

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