It was fast, less than 2 weeks had pass by since the SKY #JerusalemaChallenge and the SCC team was already working on a new mission; shooting their unique version. For more than a week the team practice 1 hour daily afterhours in the farm. It was a big “project” everybody was motivated and giving their best; different tasks where assign to team members; producing the flags, working on the choreography and of course shooting the video, so everything went smoothly and faster as time was of an essence.  

“It was a great activity. It was something we needed to feel again, the energy, the dancing, the motivation, it has been a thought year with the social distancing measurements and all of the protocols, and feeling all of this again was definitely the recharged we needed as happy Colombians. Also it confirmed the great team we are and how much we can achieve working as one, working as a team.” Diego Rincon SSC farm manager.

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