In Uganda, workers’ wages remain a relevant on-going conversation given the country’s minimum wage standing at Shs6, 000. For over 30 years ago.

A florist in a flower garden at Jambo Roses. Yvonne Nagujja the Human Resource Manager of the same firm said a minimum wage is important because it puts employees on a certain level and helps them move forward.

Workers in flower firms have called for expedited review of the Minimum Wage Bill as means of protecting workers from exploitation.

The bill which was passed by parliament in 2018 suffered a setback when the president declined to ascent to it.

The Minimum Wage Bill, 2018 empowers the Minister of labor to appoint a Minimum Wage Board to fix all minimum wages for various sectors and is also mandated to announce the minimum wages annually.

According to Yvonne Nagujja the Human Resource Manager Jambo Roses, a minimum wage is very important because it puts an employee on a certain level and also helps them to move forward.

She said that usually in Flower farms it's the employers and union who have been determining the minimum wage noting that at Jambo roses, workers used to earn sh90,000 with an additional of 6.5% before the introduction of the floor wage by Fairtrade Africa (FTA).

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